Fall Tranquility

Sonnet:Comfort & Serenity

 Become bright and warm into your lovers arms on a cozy, rainy day under the blazing fireplace. Fall in love with the positive emotions that they fill you with such  joy and happiness for goodness sake. Be cheerful, full of good energy, fun, full of love, laughter. Listen to the rainfall..stimulate. Breathe, relax, and feel the tranquility. Fall in love with the mind, body, and soul naturally. 

Current Situation:

For starters here are some honeybee tips to feel:

Natural Supports/Significant Others Present:


Emotions and Behavior

Emotional Reasoning

Breathers Stop what you’re doing and focus on your breathing in the present moment. Even if you have to step outside in the cold alone, bundle up. Nature will have it’s way into calmness. This is for your own mental health. Inhale and exhale the freshness of the rainfall along with wind deeply. Deep breathing could be he most powerful brain-management tool we have. Breathing is a given that is not fully embraced as a bodily function. In the mist of quietness, anger, unease, and tension, etc. from environment, taking a breather will change the actual vibe, plus gives you a fresh start on your thoughts, words, actions, and behavioral health your self and others for the best.

SilenceIn the words of Mia Sheridan in the book, Archer’s Voice, “Sometimes an understanding silence was better than a bunch of meaningless words”. Silence can be deeper than you actually believe or think. Wisdom and love, whether it’s from the heart, love of an interesting book, lover, or restful sleep, silence is allowed. With wandering talk, they are denied. Although silence can be difficult for extroverts or socializing, it is needed sometimes to bring awareness instead of distractions. It’s very effective for listening, revealing the truth, concentrating and most importantly the wandering mind to relax. Takes some time out of your day to sit silently and feel your emotions.

Candles The sweet smell of candles can be the answers to your questions and visions. Candles are very unique, not only for the smells, senses, or designs, but also for your well being and environment psychologically. You may have candles that are not real and refreshing as you think, which is not a bad thing. But you can put much thought into designing them. Soy candles are some of the most natural remedies for overall comfort and health for your environment. Overall psychologically, candles can encourage positive conversations with good company. Much warmth along with diminishing of actually lights can help you to get alone with others of different personalities.

Fall Leaves Last but not least, we can’t ignore the colorful Autumn leaves that inherit the land during this season. They have our overall attention. We should not only embrace but appreciate the colors of them plus the crunchiness that they bring. A bliss of yellow, orange, and red can be seen from the changes that the season brings. Not only the description makes you want to always be apart of this season, but the overall vibrant colors that symbolizes our everyday cognitive development , mood and attention within ourselves mindfully. The colors and the brightness of the leaves maybe connected to symbols of emotions to enhance coping skills.If you think about this, we can have our own interpretation of the colorful leaves and the Autumn season makes us feel. For example, yellow to me can symbolize excitement, happiness, brightness, and the start of something new. Orange is definitely noting of my favorite colors, but it can mean having a mellow attitude, fun, fruitfulness, and so on. Now red on the other hand can mean boldness, strength, and other powerful things. We also cannot exclude green, which to me can mean growth. Meditating on these wonderful experiences of the Fall season can enhance your well being or insight about life.

Now to feel this type of tranquility and all others being expressed smoothly like honey, truly meditate along with practice these remedies in all ways. Mindfulness is the sweetness. Enjoy.

-S.T- 2018