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Filled with Poetry, Philosophy, Sonnets , articles, and excerpts created throughout my exploration to reach mindful balance and self-actualization See my contact information below and get in touch.To find fulfillment we navigate through this journey known as life and business. We recognize that we can not do it on our own. Mindfulness helps us grow to reach our overall self actualization.

What are your intentions of fulfillment in your life? How will reach fulfillment? How’s your attitude, emotions and expressions will connect and build your foundations? Here’s an introduction on how to connect

Intention -What are your hopes and reasonings to practice mindfulness

Attention -Mindfulness is paying attention to our inner and outer experiences

Attitude -Paying attention to certain attitudes such as peace, curiosity, acceptance, and kindness. Below are many topics that will be discuss and shared in sessions. Please buzz if you’d love to add more topics or articles to share your story. Thank you!

Fall Tranquility

  • A Lover’s Blues: The Unforgettable Voice of Margie Hendrix
    Remembering the woman who outsang Ray Charles. A Lover’s Blues: The Unforgettable Voice of Margie Hendrix
  • Fall Tranquility
    Sonnet:Comfort & Serenity  Become bright and warm into your lovers arms on a cozy, rainy day under the blazing fireplace. Fall in love with the positive emotions that they fill you with such  joy and happiness for goodness sake. Be cheerful, full of good energy, fun, full of love, laughter. Listen to the rainfall..stimulate. Breathe, relax, and feel the…